You can add an image to your Offer Letter Templates.

1. Make sure your image is hosted online and has its own URL. If your image is not yet hosted online, here are some free online sites that you can use to host your image so you have a unique URL for the image:

2. Sign into your account, go to Your Account and choose Account Details.

3. Scroll down to Templates and choose Offer Letters

4. Click Edit for the template you wish to add an image to or create a new template.

5. Once the edit window opens, click Image to bring up the image window.

6. Place your cursor in the position you wish the image to appear.

7. Copy/paste the image URL you wish to add in the Source (URL) box. 

NOTE: You do not want to use the viewer URL, but the HTML image URL, otherwise it will link back to the page your image is hosted on, but not to the image itself. 

Once you select the HTML image URL you want to use only the image URL portion that is underlined in red.

8. Finally, Save Changes!

When you are ready to remove or replace the image, go back and Edit the template. First, click the Undo button. Then click Image and Insert with the Source (URL) box remaining empty or with a new image URL.