Creating Documents and Onboarding Documents

Do you need to send documents to an applicant? Our Document Template feature allows you to send additional documents at the same time you send an offer letter, or separately of the offer letter, during the hiring process. 

To access Document Templates, navigate to Main Menu > Account Details > scroll down to the Templates section and select Documents.

This feature allows you to upload a document and attach fields to that document for applicants to fill out digitally. Please note, you can’t create the actual document with this feature. For PDF or Government documents that already have fields added to them, when you upload the document into the system, those fields should pre-populate. However, you may need to update what type of data validation they allow for and how they capture data.

Who fills out the fields? 

Me (Now)
This is added to the document at the time when the document changes are submitted. These are static changes that can only be changed if you edit the document.

These are fields that the person who sends the document will add. These fields will either be auto-pulled from documents, or the sender will be prompted to fill in the fields if the document doesn’t contain the information. The sender’s fields will always be limited to the following:

  • Company

  • Job Title

  • Location

  • Salary

  • Salutation

  • Start Date

  • Supervisor

The applicant will be the one who fills in these types of fields.

Field Types

Signature Fields

These are fields used to collect signatures. Generally they’re placed in a line where an applicant needs to sign or initialize a field. Please note, applicants are the only ones who can interact with these fields.


Applicant signature is required. Applicant only field. The applicant will be prompted to either create a signature or select from pre-generated signatures of their name.


Similar to the signature field but for initials only; Generally used for agreements/sign offs for individual items on a document.

Auto-fill Fields

Information in these fields can be entered at the time of creation or by the applicant. If entered with the Me (now) option at the time of creation, these fields are static and will not update.These fields will also auto-populate information saved within the browser that are commonly entered for similar field names.

Date Signed

Used when a date field is needed. The date formatting can be changed under the Formatting dropdown menu.


Used as a placeholder for a name field.


Used as a placeholder for an Email field.


Used as a placeholder for a company name field.


Used as a placeholder for a title field.

Standard Fields

These fields can be filled out by the document Creator, the Applicant, or the Sender. When filled out by the Sender, field names will be pulled from a location from the Offer Letter or the Sender will be prompted to add the field values at the time the document is sent.

For applicant’s, these fields can use Placeholder Text which indicates to the applicant what information should be listed in the field. You can also set up standard rules which will trigger when information or an action is taken. These are useful if your document has a multiple selection section and ‘other’ is an option; then the other box has been checked, you can set up a text box to appear for an applicant to elaborate.


Text boxes have various uses depending on who you assign the text box to. These fields can be used for gathering standard information from an applicant to auto-populating information from an offer letter, such as the applicant’s name depending on how each field is assigned.

  • Applicant

    • You have the ability to mask what is typed in this box. The text appears as asterisks to other signers and on the PDF.

    • Placeholder text can be used to indicate what needs to be filled out in the box.

    • Validation options exist for fields that require either Letters or Numbers Only to more specified fields such as Phone Number or Bank Routing Numbers and even the ability to customize validation requests.

  • Sender

    • The sender will be able to choose from the listed fields above. If you send this in combination with an offer letter, the fields will pull information from an area in the offer letter. Certain fields will also pull additional information from an applicant’s profile. If the document is sent through the Send Document feature and there is not a location where information can be pulled from, the Sender will be prompted to add in the information. 

  • Me (now)

    • The document creator will need to enter text. Please note, hyperlinking a URL is available in this feature as a great source to direct applicants to a site.


A pretty straight forward field where a box can be checked; these are generally used for agreeing to a statement in place of a signature field or for selecting from a field of options. This field can only be assigned to Me (Now) or the Applicant. If assigned to Me (Now), the box will automatically be checked.


The dropdown menu is always going to be assigned to an applicant. You can enter multiple options and have a default option selected. When entering multiple options, a comma, semicolon, or line break will divide up the options.

Radio Group

Radio Group is great for a select one list of options as you can only select one option in a radio group. You can adjust the size of the circles by dragging the corners of the box. In addition, you can add another field to the radio group by clicking on the + icon along the blue box that allows you resize the buttons.