Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Search for applicants globally in your account
  • Organize and manage multiple applications from one applicant
  • Manage your applicant view in an organized and condensed manner


  • Your user role must have permission to edit account details and view and edit applicants.


Applicant Traffic

Search all applicants globally

We will explore how to search applicants in your account on both a per-job and a global level. We will also look at how you can streamline your account to help you manage multiple applications from the same applicant.

At times, you may want to track down a specific applicant by his or her name across all your jobs. You may do so with the “Search all applicants” box in the upper right-hand corner of your account dashboard.

In the search field, enter the applicant’s name as it appears in his or her profile, and then click the spyglass icon. The system will display all applicant profiles for that name and in a list view. 

Search applicants by individual job

You can also search for an applicant in an individual job. Click on the View Applicant option and go to the Applicant Viewer page for the specific posting. Use the search field in the gray toolbar to search. Important note: Searching within the job will search the filter tab that you are in. To search all applicants in a specific job, make sure you have clicked on the All Applicants tab and are in that folder.

In the All Applicants folder, enter the applicant's name as it appears in his or her profile, then click on the spyglass icon to view the applicant's profile.

Duplicate applicants

On occasion, an applicant may apply for the same position twice. Duplicate applicants are noted if the e-mail used to apply is the same. There are varying reasons why this may happen and you have several options to help you organize and navigate duplicates when they occur.

Disallow duplicate applicants

In the advanced options of the Create/Edit Jobs page, you can restrict applicants from applying to the same position more than once. You can set this feature for each individual position so you can tailor it to your specific job needs. On the Advanced Options page, simply switch off the Allow Duplicate Applicants toggle. Anyone who applies twice using the same email address will receive a notification that his or her original application has been received and that someone will review it and be in touch if interested.

Benefits of allowing duplicate applicants

There are some benefits to allowing an applicant to apply more than once. Once an applicant has submitted an application, he or she cannot edit it. Applying a second time may allow him or her to upload additional or correct information. The ability to apply twice is also helpful for positions that remain perpetually open, allowing a person to re-apply at a later date.

Grouping duplicate applicants

If you choose to allow duplicate applicants, several features will help you identify if an applicant has applied multiple times. In Account Details, under the Feature Management icon, you will find your Applicant Grid options. The Applicant Grid is the list of applicants you will see when you click on a job title or the View Applicants option.

You can enable two features that will help you identify duplicate applicants. The first is “Show when applicants apply multiple times.” When the toggle for this feature is on, the system will, for example, tag an applicant as  “applied 2 times” if he or she applied to the same position twice or “applied for 2 jobs” if he or she applied for two different positions.

The second feature is the “Condense applicants with the same email address” feature. When the toggle for this feature is on, the profile of any applicant who applies with the same email address will be condensed and signified with the number of applications to the left of the profile in the applicant grid (e.g., "+1"). 

Important note: This feature will only combine profiles that are in the same tab. For example, if an applicant has a profile in both the New Applicants tab and the Rated Applicants tab, each profile will appear as an individual until they are moved into the same tab folder. 

Let’s Recap:

You can now search for applicants globally or in an individual job. You have learned how to enable and disable duplicate applications, as well as how to group and tag duplicate applicants if you allow them. 


1. You can globally search for applicants in all jobs by their names by doing the following:

    a. Searching by the applicant's name in any job

    b. Using the help feature

    c. The "Search all applicants" box on the main dashboard

    d. All of the above

2. You can control applicants' ability to apply multiple times by setting the toggle switch in:

a. Create/Edit Jobs, Advanced Options

b. Account Details

c. Activity Page

d. Account User

3.  If the "Condense applicants with the same email address" toggle is turned on, applicants that apply multiple times will be tagged by both the number of times applied and the number of jobs they applied to.

a. True

b. False

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