We know how frustrating it can be when an important email or document from our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) doesn't arrive as expected. While the issue sometimes lies within our system, we often find that it's related to another system or settings on the recipient's end. But don't worry – our Support Team is here to help!

If you're dealing with an urgent missing email or document, please reach out to us. We can check the status of the deliverability and take a peek into the system to see if the item was successfully delivered and opened. 

  • If it has not been delivered, we can usually see a code for what's preventing it from arriving at its intended destination. Sharing that info with you will allow you to better troubleshoot the issue. 
  • If it was delivered but still can't be found, we've put together some tips to help you (or the person you're inquiring about) track it down.

Check These Areas First

  • Spam or Junk Folders: Emails and notifications can sometimes be mistakenly categorized as spam. Take a closer look in these folders for any recent messages related to the email or document you're searching for.
  • Search Inboxes and Document Repositories: Use search functions to look for keywords, subject lines, sender information, or file names associated with the email or document in question. 
  • Other Folders: Verify if the email or document has been moved to other folders by rules, filters, or manual organization.

Update Your Settings

  • Add to Safe Senders List: Adding our domain to the safe senders list can prevent future communications from being filtered out. Emails from the ATS commonly come from the domain: r.applicant-tracking.com. Use your search engine of choice to locate specific instructions for your email provider.
  • Review Rules and Filters: Check email and document management settings to ensure no rules or filters are redirecting or deleting items from our address.
  • Verify Storage Limits: Confirm that mailboxes or document storage aren't full, which could prevent new items from being received or saved.

Double-Check These Areas

  • Archives and Deleted Items: The email or document may have been accidentally archived, deleted, or moved instead of being placed in another folder.
  • Forwarding Settings: Ensure there are no forwarding settings sending emails or notifications to another account.

Seek Additional Help

  • Contact Email Provider Support: If the email or document is still not found, it may be an issue with the email or document management provider. Reaching out to their support could provide further assistance.
  • Request a New Copy: As a last resort, we can send a new email or document to test if it can be received and accessed correctly.

We hope these tips help you locate the missing email or document. If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.