You can now automate sending an interview invitation to applicants when they apply or by assigning a specific status. This workflow can be set up via API or our Support Services Team can set it up for you, for a fee. 

We have two options for this Workflow:

  • Automatic Interview Scheduling based on Status - for this workflow, an interview scheduling email will be sent when you select a Status update for applicants. You can bulk assign this status and initiate the workflow for a group of applicants all at once, after an initial review of the applicants.
  • Automatic Interview Scheduling for every new applicant - for this workflow any new applicants to your job will be sent a link to schedule their own interview directly after they apply. This workflow is ideal for fast-paced environments where getting the interview process started quickly is needed.

Here's what it looks like when it's enabled based on Status:

  1. The applicant applies
  2. The applicant is reviewed by one of your Hiring Managers and the status is set to Move to Interview (or any status of your choice).

     Automatic Interview Step 1.png
  3. The trigger sends the applicant an email inviting them to schedule an interview, based on the connected calendar for the manager(s) you have indicated.

    Automatic Interview Step 2.png

  4. Using the Scheduling an Interview: Let your Candidate Choose the Time feature, the applicant can then set up the interview, selecting a time that works for them.

    Automatic Interview Step 3.png

  5. The applicant's status is updated to the status of your choice (for instance: "Interview Scheduled (Auto)" ).

    Automatic Interview Step 5.png
  6. The interview details are added to the connected calendar for the Manager you selected.

When it's enabled based on any applicant who applies:

The process is more-or-less the same, however, you will not have the opportunity to review the applicant before the workflow is triggered. Instead, once the applicant applies, they will receive an invitation to schedule an interview shortly thereafter. 

How to request this service, if you'd like our Support Services Team to set it up for you. 

Requests should be made by those with Admin permissions. If you are not an Admin, please reach out an Admin Level user from your team to make the request for you.

Create a new Support Ticket and give it a Subject Line of: Request for Automatic Interviewing

Then provide the following info in the body of your Support Ticket:

  • Would you like to set up Automatic Interview Scheduling for every new applicant OR would you rather it be based on Status?
  • If based on Status, what Status would you like to use to initiate the Workflow (ex: "Move to Interview"), and what new Status would you like them to show once that workflow has been initiated (ex: "Interview Scheduled (Auto)")?
  • Hiring Managers - Please provide the names and email addresses of all Hiring Managers who will be using this service.
    • NOTE: They MUST have already connected their calendars in the ATS and - if virtual interviewing will occur - connected their platform of choice (Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc). 
  • Meeting Duration - What is the preferred meeting length in minutes? 
  • Location - If meetings will occur virtually, please indicate "remote". Otherwise, please provide location details here. 
  • Minimum Notice - When the email goes out to your applicant, you can specify that no meetings get scheduled until 24 hours after the Workflow has been enabled (for instance). Please indicate how soon after the applicant applies they can schedule their interview.  
  • Available Days - Please indicate the number of days out that they can schedule. Will they be able to select a time up to 30 days from now, or do you want them to schedule within a calendar week? Please provide us with the ideal number of calendar days (not business days).

For instance, here is an example of workflow field data that would give us enough information to set up an Automatic Interviewing for your team: 

  • Based on Status
  • "Move to Interview" --> "Interview Scheduled (Auto)"
  • Hiring Managers - Jane Doe, John Doe 
  • Meeting Duration - 30
  • Location - remote
  • Minimum Notice - 24 hours
  • Available Days - 10

Our Team will get back to you with a quote and, once you approve the fee and answer any additional questions, will get this enabled for your account. The standard turnaround time is 5 business days. 

Currently, the Hiring Manager is designated per JOB.

When you provide the list of Hiring Managers and their emails, they will be added to a Custom Field on the Create/Edit Job page and you will select who will be the Hiring Manager connected to these automatic interviews for that job, selecting from a dropdown list.

We do have plans to explore adding additional Hiring Managers to the workflow so you could designate multiple connected calendars per interview, but it does not currently have that capability.