Criteria provides world-leading assessments that drive talent success and deliver world-leading aptitude, personality, EI, risk, and skills tests that highlight the potential in every candidate and provide an experience that candidates love.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Partner Marketplace yet, you're going to want to first read about that here: Partner Marketplace - Integrations At Your Fingertips

Locate Partner Marketplace by navigating to the Menu Icon > Account Details > under Integrate, select the icon for Partner Marketplace.

Next, select Criteria from the list of available options:

If you already have a Criteria account you can get connected. If you don't, please use the Sign-Up button to create an account.

The next thing you'll need is your Integration Token (aka API key). This will serve as both your Username and Password for this connection, without it, you cannot move forward. 

Your Token can be provided to you by your Criteria Rep, so please ask them to provide it to you in order to get set up.

Once you have your Token, please enter it into the Username & Password fields and follow any prompts requested.

Criteria will now show up as a Connected Provider. If you need to remove it, use the delete icon on the right.

As always, if you have any trouble, please contact our Support Team so we can help!

Not all accounts are provisioned with Partner Marketplace. If you do not see the option in the Integrate section of your Account Details, this feature is not available for your account at this time.