This feature is automatically turned on by default on all accounts created in mid-January. For accounts created before the feature was released, this can be toggled on under My Account > Account Details > Feature Management (for users that have access to Account Details). Once toggled on, this feature can not be toggled off. All accounts will soon be migrated to this enhanced feature. 

Multiple users can now rate and provide feedback on a candidate. The system will automatically calculate the average of all users’ ratings each time another user adds a rating. So if you rate a candidate with 5 stars and then another user rates the same candidate as 3 stars, the system will reflect that candidate’s rating as 4 stars. 

Why is this a big deal? 

Depending on your hiring process, this new feature stands to be a game changer for many. For companies that have multiple managers interview a potential employee, this allows the ability for each reviewer’s opinion on the applicant to be documented and accounted for within the ATS

How does it work? 

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to the applicant’s profile. You can do this by (a) selecting the desired job listing and viewing the applicants from there OR (b) if you know the specific applicant you are wanting to review, you can search for the applicant directly from the dashboard. 






  1. Once the applicant is in your Applicant Grid, select View Applicant to open the candidate’s profile. 

  1. To rate the applicant, you can either select Review on the left side of the applicant profile or you can simply select the stars at the top of the profile. From there, you will be prompted to rate the candidate and leave a review. Notice that on that same screen, you will be able to view other ratings and reviews that have been entered for that candidate. 

Notice that once you hit Save Review, the star rating updates and your review is published. 

  1. Now let’s take a look from another manager’s view. When another reviewer logs in and views that same candidate, they won’t see your individual rating until they rate and review the candidate. They will only initially see the average rating. The reviewer will follow the same steps to rate and review the candidate and then they will be able to see all individual user ratings and reviews.

  1. Once the next reviewer saves their review, the star rating will automatically update with the average of the total star ratings given. Also, notice the Edit and Delete prompts next to the review. You are only able to Edit or Delete a review that you posted. You will not be able to edit another user's review.