Did you log into your account and now all of your applicants are missing? Don't worry, we can help!

When you log into your account and you are suddenly unable to view any applicants, this usually means that the Filter Applicants By Status option has been selected for your user access level (Admin, Manager, Reviewer, and Read-Only) and no status has been selected. The account owner or an admin-level user will need to correct this. Alternatively, support can also correct this for you. 

To correct this, go to Your Hamburger Menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard> Account Details > Workflow and locate the Filter Applicants By Status box. You will need to select each access level to ensure that the checkbox for that access level is not selected. 

Please note: We recommend reaching out to the account owner first to verify that this option was not selected on purpose.

Please reach out to support if this does not solve the issue you are seeing and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot.