We have recently launched an updated integration that allows you to quickly sponsor jobs on Indeed from within your applicant tracking platform and now allows more control and visibility into performance by creating an Indeed Account directly with Indeed.com. 

How to Sponsor a Job on Indeed

1) From your dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow next to the job title of the position you want to advertise and select Post to Job Boards from the list.

2) Scroll down in the National / Local job board section to the Indeed.com listing and then click on the + Click to Add button.

3) A shopping cart window will appear at the top right side of your screen. When you are done making your selections, click the Proceed to Checkout button.

4) Select a maximum budget ($450, $900, $1,500 or a custom amount with a $200 min) to sponsor your job. Then enter an Indeed billing email, a phone number (optional) and click the Review Final Summary button.

Note: The selected job will be added to your Indeed advertiser account for sponsorship based on the email address connected to your ATS account. If you do not have an Indeed account, you will create one and will receive an email (within 6 hours of posting) from ads-noreply@indeed.com to the email address entered in this field to help you complete the setup. If you do not receive an email within 6 hours of posting, please visit billing.indeed.com to verify or complete your account setup.

5) You will see the Indeed option you selected in your final shopping cart checkout summary. Click on the Purchase Posting button to send your job to Indeed.com for sponsorship.

Note: YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AT THIS TIME. Payment will be handled in a subsequent step directly by Indeed.com. See below for more info.

What Happens Next

If it is the first time you are sponsoring a job with the Indeed billing email address you entered, you will receive an email from do-not-reply@indeed.com prompting you to finish the setup of your account with a password and credit card. Once you complete this step, you can sponsor jobs on Indeed from your applicant tracking software account at any time following the steps indicated above. 

Example email:

If you already have an established Indeed.com account, any jobs you select to sponsor from within your applicant tracking account will also appear in your Indeed account dashboard as sponsored. You can track the performance of these jobs by visiting indeed.com/hire. You can also contact Indeed to optimize your campaigns. 

For more information and frequently asked questions about Indeed Sponsored Jobs, please visit https://www.indeed.com/hire/faq. Please visit employer.indeed.com or call Indeed at 1-800-462-5842 with any additional technical questions or concerns.

What If I Already Have an Indeed Employer Account?

If you already have an Indeed employer account, you have two options available: 

  1. You can now post through our integration and connect your posting to your existing employer account by entering the billing email address associated with that account in the email field (see above). You may select from the three budget options available ($450, $900, $1,500 or a custom amount with a $200 min).
  2. You can continue to post the "old way". This means simply publishing your job posting online where it will be automatically placed into a feed that Indeed picks up every 4-6 hours. Your Indeed account manager can coordinate with you to make sure jobs picked up in our feed are placed right into your employer account for you to assign budget, etc. If this is already in place, no further action is needed. If you've never discussed this option with your Indeed account manager, there's no time like the present. After all, life is too short for manual processes, right?! If your Indeed account manager has any questions, our Support Team is always available to help.


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