You can use the Mark as Hired button on an applicant's profile to import key fields from the applicant's profile and set up the new employee in payroll in your Employer on the GO account. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that. 

Mark an Applicant as Hired


1. Open up the applicant's profile in Hire on the GO by clicking on the View Applicant button.


2. When the Application Viewer opens up, click on the Mark as Hired button.




Find The Applicant In Your Employer On The GO Account

1. Login to your Employer on the GO account.


2. Click on the Employees button and select Employees & Contractors from the list of options.


3. Select Setup Required from the Status dropdown menu.

4. Double click on the applicant's name in the list to open up the employee's payroll setup and make any edits needed before activating the employee to be included in payroll.

Note: Any employee with a status of PendingSetup will NOT be paid.