If you are seeing the message "Email is not valid" when you are trying to login to your account, take a look in the address bar of your browser window. Does it start with support.hireonthego.com? If the answer to that is Yes, you've reached our support site where we store useful "how to" articles and video tutorials and where you can also submit a support ticket online to get answers from our Support Beyond Compare Team. The only thing you can't do on this site is login to your account. Just click on the Customer Login page to sign in to your account.

If you're not quite sure where you landed and want to see some screenshots, just keep reading.

Did your "Email is not valid" message look like this?:

If yes, you've reached our support site which is a useful place to get your questions answered, watch fun tutorial videos and submit a new support ticket. The URL for our support site starts with support.hireonthego.com

Accessing Our Support Site


You don't need a login to access the resources on our support site. Just click here, or click on Help from the dashboard of your account.

Still having trouble logging in or finding an answer to your question? Create a new support ticket on our support site and we'll be happy to help!