You can send and receive messages from other users, as well as applicants that apply to your positions. The system will also send you daily and weekly update emails about any jobs you are assigned to as a hiring manager. If you don't want to receive notifications, you have the ability to opt out at any time. If you have opted out of notifications, or if our system opts you out because our messages keep getting bounced, you can also opt back in to receiving those notifications.  

Manage Your Notification Preferences

1. Click on the Menu Icon at the top right side of the Dashboard and select Account Details.

2. Click on the Manage Users button in the Company & Users section.

3. Click on the Pencil next to your name or the user you wish to update notification status.

4. In the Edit User window, identify the Send Notifications checkbox at the bottom of this field. Check this box if you wish to have notifications enabled; uncheck the box to disable notifications. Click Save and Continue to preserve your changes.