Okay, so you've created a job posting. Now what? If you have other users set up, you might want to add them to the job posting you just created. Admin level and Account Owner level users will be able to see all job postings and applicants in your account. If you have users with permission levels of Manager, Reviewer, and/or Read-Only, you'll need to add those users to each job posting that you want them to have access to. 

Important Note: While Account Owners and Admin level users can see everything in your account, they won't get notifications for any of the jobs you create unless they are assigned as Hiring Managers. If you want them to receive notifications (for example, a dashboard notification alerting them that a candidate has completed a background check request), make sure to add them as Hiring Managers by following these simple steps:

Add Hiring Managers to a Job

1. From your dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow next to the job title you want to add a Hiring Manager to and select Edit Job.

2. Scroll down the page to the Access & Notifications section. In the Hiring Manager field, add additional Users by either clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting them from your User list or start typing their user name into the field and selecting the user that way. You can assign as many Users to a job as you like. Make sure to click Publish and Continue to save your changes, and you're done. If you would like to keep the job offline, you can also click Save as Draft.

Now the newly designated Hiring Managers will be able to see the job on their dashboard and view all the applicants that have applied to the position. When you add new listings, you can assign users as Hiring Managers in the same way. Note that a User's access level will dictate what that User is able to do. Here's a refresher on permission levels.

Account Level Permissions

  • Account Owners and Admins can see and do everything in your account, including manage payment information and submit paid job listings to partner sites.
  • Managers can only manage the applicants for job listings they've been assigned to and can also create new job listings.
  • Reviewers can only manage the applicants for job listings they've been assigned to.
  • Read-Only can only view (not edit) the applicants for job listings they've been assigned to.