When you create a new job posting within your account, your job posting's status defaults to being Online, which means it is active and shows up on your company's careers page. If you want to take your job posting Offline at any time (perhaps because you've filled the position), all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

From your dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow next to the job title of the job posting you want to take offline and select Take Offline.

When your job is offline, you will be able to easily distinguish it from those that are online. It will be greyed out and you will have the option to put it online again if you ever want or need to. 

Once you've taken your job offline What Will Happen Next?

  • Your job posting will no longer be visible on your hosted careers page.
  • Your job posting will not be syndicated to our free job board partners for posting on their sites.