An Employment Application online form automatically comes with your account for free. Who doesn't love free, right? This online form is what an Applicant will see and fill out if you send this online form through your account. 


Here is what the Employment Application Form looks like to an applicant in its simplest form:

1. Applicant Information

The Employment Application Form that comes with your account can be customized by adding Form builder questions. In Form Builder, you can add multiple-choice, essay, yes/no, etc., questions, you can make your questions required, auto tag or automatically set status for the applicant, you can archive depending on how an applicant answers a question, and more.  

In Account Details/Applications you can turn on toggle switches to collect the applicant's address, EEOP survey, create a custom Referral dropdown menu, Disclosure statement, OFCCP questions, Captcha, and more.