Processing status can be checked here:

The system pushes jobs into a queue which are then run in the background by utility servers. If the utility server job processes aren't running, the jobs will pile up in the queue. The job queue should never be over a few. If it is, it can indicate that either the processing system isn't working properly OR a very large email blast (likely a job alert email) has just gone out. If a job alert email has just gone out, the job queue can be as high as 10s of thousands.

Features of HiringThing that are impacted by this:

  • Resume import tool: resumes will be correctly imported, the progress bar on the resume import page will show complete and show a list of imported resumes, but the resumes that were imported will not show up as applicant profiles until the job queue is processed.
  • Job alert emails, emails to applicants & notes to hiring managers: emails will sit pending until the job queue is processed.