Our Calendar feature enables you to easily view your candidate interviews on one calendar screen. Even better - hook up your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar and you'll be able to see your free/busy time when scheduling an interview to make sure you're never double booked. The interview will even be added directly to your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar. No extra steps!

Sync your Calendaring Tool

1. From your Dashboard, click on the View Calendar > link.

2. Click on the green Manage External Calendars button at the top right of the Calendar page to sync your calendaring tool (Outlook, Google calendar, etc.) with your recruiting Calendar.

Schedule appointments

When you are ready to send an interview request to an applicant through the applicant viewer, you can have multiple hiring managers in an interview with an applicant and you will also be able to view your free/busy times and schedule the meeting right from within your account. You can even view free/busy times of other hiring managers who have added their calendars too (you will see all hiring managers free/busy time from their google calendar, but not their actual events)! Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to Hiring Happiness.

1. Open the Applicant Viewer for the applicant you wish to schedule a meeting with. Click Send from the menu bar and select either Meeting Request or Phone Request from the drop-down menu.

2. You can add Interviewers by clicking the down arrow and selecting managers from the drop-down menu. 

3. Check the Notify me when this applicant replies box if desired.

4. There are two ways to schedule appointments with your applicant: 

a. You can fill in the fields for Date, Start Time and End Time 

b. You can click the View Calendar link and then simply click on the day and start time you wish to schedule on the calendar. 

5. Edit the Subject and body of the meeting request as desired. Attach any files necessary and click Send.

Your invitation has been sent and the date set on the Calendar. You can view your Upcoming Interviews on your Dashboard.

And you can view your Calendar from the Dashboard by clicking the green View calendar link at the top of the Dashboard page.

That's all there is to it!