Sometimes you see a great applicant apply for a job that you just don't think they are a perfect fit for. You want to hang on to that applicant for future openings but you're afraid he or she will just get lost in your applicant database. That's where your Favorites list comes in handy. Adding an applicant to your Favorites list keeps that applicant in a special bucket that you can refer back to when you've got a new opening to fill.

Your Favorites list is unique to you. Other users on your account will each have their own unique Favorites lists. However, all users with access to viewing applicants will be able to see notes you enter when you add an applicant to your Favorites list. Keep reading for more details and instructions on how this feature works.

[Note: this is the newer version of "Flagging Applicants."]

Adding an Applicant to your Favorites

1. The Add to Favorites feature is located in the drop down list under the Manage button in the Application Viewer menu bar. To get there, if you are already looking at the applicant you want to add to your favorites, just click on the View Applicant button to open up the application viewer. 

You can also search for an applicant by typing the applicant's name into the search box.

2. Once you've opened the Application Viewer, click on the Manage button on the menu bar and then select Add to Favorites.

3. In the Add to Favorites pop up window, you can either leave the default note text as is or you can edit the note text. This note text will be saved in the applicant's Notes tab in the Application Viewer and will be visible to all users who have permission to view this applicant.

How to View Your Favorites List

Once you have added an applicant to your Favorites list, that applicant will be in two different locations in your account: 1) in the "All Applicants" listing for the job title he/she originally applied for and 2) in the Favorites list accessible by going to Your Account at the top right side of your screen and then clicking on Favorite Applicants

Here's what you'll see on your Favorite Applicants screen.

How to Remove an Applicant From Your Favorites List

1. From the Favorite Applicants page, you can either click on Remove from Favorites on the the Select Action menu for the applicant or check the box next to one or more applicants and select Remove from Favorites on the the Select Action menu at the top of the list. This will remove the applicant from your Favorites list. The applicant will still be accessible both under the job title they applied to and by searching for the applicant in the search box.